NAA: 1921/22326

Widmaier, Maria B. Barbara

Digital copy - 41129


Occupation as writtendomestic servant
Standardised occupationDS00: Domestic service - Domestic duties
Application received18 Oct 1915
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial9 Nov 1921
Birthplace as writtenDarmsheim, Böblingen
Modern countryGermany
Age on application49
Age on arrival in Australia22
Port of DepartureSwitzerland
Port of ArrivalSydney
Date of arrival17 May 1888
Name of shipHohenstaufen


Address in AustraliaLismore
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address12 years
Previous address 1Coolah
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address3 years
Previous address 2Sydney
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address12 years




Name of referenceArthur Lewis
Occupation of reference1st Class Sergeant of Police, NSW
Marginalia description

Police report attachedYes
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Why are they applying?

Other information

'Intends to remain permanently in Australia and to acquire the rights of British citizenship.'

Further comments

'German--- Informed application not being proceeded with at present.' signed Atlee Hunt, 26/10/1915.
She writes on 26 Nov 1915 to Hunt: wants to know what's happening with her application. 'I am a domestic servant and at times find it difficult to obtain leave to report.'
Hunt to her, 2 December 1915: certificates not being issued to Germans.

Applies again in 1920, writing on 5 Feb 1920. Has moved to a new(ish) job since previous application, now as housekeeper for Mr H Kennedy and family, Ulindah, Mt Pleasant, Wahroonga, NSW
reply from HUnt to 'sir', 'that a certificate... cannot be granted to you at the present time' without explanation, 14 Feb 1920.

She writes on 4 January 1921 to try again. Letter from the Ulindah employers supporting application.

J W Maund & Christie, Solicitors, then write on 4 May 1921 saying that they have completed all of the paperwork needed by Home and Territories Dept.
Write again on 14 July 1921 as have had no reply and what to know 'the attitude which is being adopted with regard to the property of German nationals.'
McLaren, Secretary, to solicitors on 20 July 1921: delayed writing as ' applications from German nationals were recently help up pending the settlement of the Reparations question, but the embargo has now been lifted'.

Final statuatory declaration says 112 Sutherland Street, Paddington as address as now 'unoccupied'. Solicitors write again on 7 October 1921 asking why still no response, 'as she is travelling about a good deal and doing so necessitates her registering every change of abode.' Reply that on its way on 17 Oct. The solicitors write again on 2 Nov as certificate still not arrived. Cert. finally sent on 24 November 1921