NAA: A1, 1904/10054

Foreman, Barbra

Digital copy - 2477


Occupation as writtenNone
Standardised occupationRE01: Rentier - Gentry
Application received12 Dec 1904
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial6 Jan 1905
If rejected, why?
Birthplace as writtenKiederich, Germany
Modern countryGermany
Age on application78
Age on arrival in Australia28
Port of DepartureHamburgh
Port of ArrivalSydney
Date of arrival6 Apr 1855
Name of shipCesar-Gotterfro
VoyageCaesar-Gottefrau (1855-04-06)


Address in Australia76 Macarthur Street, Ultimo, Sydney, and says "in and around the City of Sydney for 35 years"
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address35 years
Previous address 1Double-Bay, Sydney
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address14 years



Six children, one son and five daughters in Sydney, Newcastle, and Parramatta.


Name of referenceAllan M. Dougall
Occupation of referenceJ.P., Sydney, NSW
Marginalia description

The word "Lady" has been added in pencil underneath her address on the first page.

Police report attachedUnknown
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Further comments

There is a letter attached asking her husband's nationality and whether he was every naturalised. She replies he was German, and had never been naturalised.
Cannot find her ship.