NAA: A1, 1904/5299

Lestrem, Rose

Digital copy - 1294


Occupation as writtenDomestic servant
Standardised occupationDS00: Domestic service - Domestic duties
Application receivedNone
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial8 Jul 1904
Birthplace as writtenToulon
Modern countryFrance
Age on application39
Age on arrival in Australia35
Port of DepartureToulon
Port of ArrivalSydney, New South Wales
Date of arrival5 Jun 1900
Name of shipSteamer Polynesian


Address in Australia79 Princes Street, Sydney.
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address4 years




Name of referenceCharles Lovely
Occupation of referenceJ.P.
Marginalia description

Police report attachedNo
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Further comments

She arrives in Sydned on a Steamer, the Polynesian (which existed) but her spelling his incorrect.
Rose has two middle names (see oath of allegiance) - her full name is Rose Louise Reine Lestrem.
When asked about her husband's nationality she replies emphatically that he is French. The reason she wants to be naturalised is that she owns property in her own right, her husband has deserted her and gone to America (and written to say he will not return), and she wishes to engage with her business and live in Sydney where the climate suits her health. She also has a lawyer "and has started proceedings" against her husband. The lawyer has suggested she seek naturalisation.