NAA: A1, 1904/6935

Marchesini, Emma

Digital copy - 1757


Occupation as writtenMarried woman
Standardised occupationXX00: Other - Other
Application receivedNone
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial10 Aug 1904
If rejected, why?
Birthplace as writtenPadova
Modern countryItaly
Age on application28
Age on arrival in Australia24
Port of DepartureItaly
Port of ArrivalMelbourne
Date of arrival5 Oct 1900
Name of shipCarlsrhrue
VoyageCarlsrhrue (1900-10-05)


Address in AustraliaRichmond District Hospital,.
Address StateQueensland
Time at address1 years, 2 months
Previous address 1Rutherglen
Address StateVictoria
Time at address1 years
Previous address 2Henty
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address1 years, 7 months




Name of referenceW.H.Mulligan
Occupation of referenceJ.P., Richmond, Queensland
Marginalia description

Police report attachedNo
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Other information

Further comments

Emma's birthplace is "Padova" which is the Italian name for Padua.
The ship she spells as "Carlshrue", but have checked port authorities and it is the "Karlsruhe".
Length of residence at the District Hospital in Richmond (see letter) is unknown.
Letters and telegrams attached because the relevant papers went to Richmond, NSW, instead of Richmond Queensland. Her husband is a Doctor - the "Government Medical Officer" for Richmond, and on their returning a note to say there is no such person , she officially complains.