NAA: A1, 1909/7309

Muller, Katherine

Digital copy - 4364


Occupation as writtenNurse
Standardised occupationPP08: Public services and Professionals - Medicine
Application received14 Jul 1909
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial10 Aug 1909
If rejected, why?
Birthplace as writtenGermany
Modern countryGermany
Age on application66
Age on arrival in Australia10
Port of DepartureGermany
Port of ArrivalSydney, New South Wales
Date of arrival1 Jan 1853
Name of shipSingapore
VoyageSingapore (1853-01-01)


Address in AustraliaNewcastle
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address25 years
Previous address 1Tamworth
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address31 years



Twelve children, seven sons and five daughters, all living in New South Wales.


Name of referenceJames Dart
Occupation of referenceAttorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
Marginalia description

Police report attachedNo
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Further comments

She only knows the year of arrival, 1853, and I have 01/01/, so this won't be correct.
How long she has stayed in each place looks wrong, so have changed the second one to make 56 years in Australia.
There is a letter attached saying Mr James Dart cannot act as her Referee, unless he is also a J.P. She seems to get her certificate, so he must have been.