NAA: A1, 1904/4060

Tank, Rebecca

Digital copy - 1047


Occupation as writtenMarried woman
Standardised occupationXX00: Other - Other
Application receivedNone
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial21 Jun 1904
Birthplace as writtenNone
Modern countryGermany
Age on application74
Age on arrival in Australia18
Port of DepartureNone
Port of ArrivalNone
Date of arrivalNone
Name of shipNone


Address in AustraliaBridge Street, Benalla
Address StateVictoria
Time at address



Seven children, three girls and four boys


Name of referenceNone
Occupation of referenceNone
Marginalia description

Police report attachedNo
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Other information

Further comments

Cannot read town of birth, or find one similar on line.
Cannot read name of ship, or find one similar - something like Electuic.
Resided in Benalla, Whittlesea, Queensborough, and Winton - no idea how long.
A letter asks for her husband's original nationality and whether he has been naturalised. She is also asked to retake the oath of allegiance as she has had it certified by the wrong person. By the time this happens the whole thing has been disbanded and handed over to the "Commonwealth" to deal with.