NAA: A1, 1904/3961

Tronc, Auguste

Digital copy - 1019


Occupation as writtenDomestic duties
Standardised occupationDS00: Domestic service - Domestic duties
Application received3 Apr 1904
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial25 May 1904
If rejected, why?
Birthplace as writtenBiestenburg, Prieusen, Germany
Modern countryGermany
Age on application32
Age on arrival in Australia5
Port of DepartureLondon
Port of ArrivalBrisbane
Date of arrival5 May 1887
Name of shipDorunda
VoyageDorunda (1887-05-05)


Address in AustraliaBurtville
Address StateWestern Australia
Time at address3 years
Previous address 1Rosewood
Address StateQueensland
Time at address9 years
Previous address 2Goldfields
Address StateWestern Australia
Time at address8 years



Two children, both girls, resident in Birtville


Name of referenceN.G. Cheetham
Occupation of referenceJ.P., Burtville, W Australia
Marginalia description

Police report attachedNo
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Further comments

She puts place of birth as "Biestenburg, Germanie", but I think Biestenburg is in Belgium now!
Her name is Tronc not Fronc - in cursive writing there is a cross across the vertical line for an F, and no line appears on the first letter!