John Bertram (1842)

Country of registration:

Shipbuilder: Ewell & Jackson

Build location: East Boston

Build year: 1842

Built for: Glidden & Williams Line Boston-San Fracisco packets.

Voyages made


Her ship the "John Bertam" was a 3-masted, squarer-rigged ship, built along the lines of an "extreme clipper" by Ewell & Jackson, East Boston, in the short time of 61 days, and launched on 9 December 1850. She was built under the supervision of Capt. Glidden for the Glidden & Williams Line of Boston-San Francisco packets, and was owned jointly by Glidden & Williams, of Boston, and Flint, Peabody & Co, of San Francisco. She was named after the well-known Salem sea captain and merchant, John Bertram. 1,080/778 tons (old/new measurement); 173/180/190 x 37 x 20 feet (keel/deck/overall length x beam x depth of hold); her figurehead was a representation of an eagle on the wing, and on her stern was a medallion bust of her namesake. She mostly sailed between Hamburg and New York, but was eventually sold, and in 187/72 sailed to Brisbane/intermediate ports/Rangoon.