Ship: Emmie (1847)

Date of arrival: 12 Jan 1850

Captain: J.H.O. Meyer

Operator: Unknown

Stops made

Location Date
Hamburg, Germany 5 Sep 1849
Adelaide 12 Jan 1850



Emmy left Hamburg 5th September 1849, via Melbourne 4th January 1850, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 16th January 1850. South Australian Register Thursday, 17th January 1850: Wednesday January 16th—The ship Emmy arrived at Adelaide with 145 passengers... Sydney Shipping Gazette 29th December 1849: Arrived at Melbourne.— December 19th, Emmy, ship, 554 tons, Meyer, from Hamburg 11th September. Passengers:— Messrs. Mackenthum ; P.R. Bookey ; H. Andressen ; — Lemeke : Miss Pauline Gavin ; J.O. Stiasney, surgeon, and 369 in the intermediate and steerage. The Emmy, from Hamburgh, brings only cargo for Adelaide. We have seldom seen a larger or more respectable class of passengers arriving at this port — they are mostly all mechanics, and we believe about half of them will land here and the rest go to Adelaide. 7 male and 5 female adults, and 16 children, died during the passage, and two births occurred on board.— Melbourne Daily News The Hamburg ship Emmy arrived Port Adelaide 16 January 1850, from Hamburg 5 September 1849, via Melbourne 4 January, with sundries ; 400 passengers, including 145 for Adelaide; 30 died of dysentery, etc., on the voyage to Melbourne, the vessel appearing to be in good order but overcrowded.