NAA: A1, 1904/8353

Winter, Catharina Dorothea

Digital copy - 2155


Occupation as writtenServant
Standardised occupationDS03: Domestic service - Other service
Application receivedNone
Application status Approved
Date of approval or denial12 Oct 1904
If rejected, why?
Birthplace as writtenWurtemberg
Modern countryGermany
Age on application66
Age on arrival in Australia17
Port of DepartureGermany
Port of ArrivalSydney
Date of arrival15 Oct 1855
Name of shipWilhemsburg
VoyageWilhelmsburg (1855-10-15)


Address in AustraliaMontagne St., Goulburn
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address44 years, 5 months
Previous address 1Araluen
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address2 years
Previous address 2Queanbeyan
Address StateNew South Wales
Time at address2 years, 7 months




Name of referenceEdward Gillespie
Occupation of referenceJ.P.
Marginalia description

Police report attachedNo
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Further comments

Birthplace has a pencilled note of a town in Wurtemburg that is difficultto decipher and does not seem to exist today (something like "Kermtellin").
She has put a small town or village before Near Queanbeyan, but it is difficult to read and I couldn't find it - possible "Torlow" or "Totlow".
She states her "first husband" died on the ship coming out - his names was Hans Jerck, Haiser. Was she married at 16 or 17years of age?
There is a comment on the "Statutory Declaration" that she appears to understand the nature of the declaration she is making.